Vinyl Airtite Windows 5700 Series

Sliding Made Locally In Texas

5700 Series – Sliding Windows

5700 Series – Sliding Windows By Airtite Windows

High quality vinyl Airtite Sliding Windows are a beautiful and lasting way to add value to any home. We’ve been manufacturing custom Airtite windows since 1975. Our specialty is custom fitting windows of any size to fit any size opening you may have for remodeling or new construction. Airtite Windows and Door Products are built with the highest quality in Abilene Texas. Quality custom-built windows help create the atmosphere in your home. Choose from all types of glass packages that suit the climate of Texas. Our Airtite windows qualify for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • U-Factor .28 / SHGC .22
  • Maintenance free vinyl will not blister, corrode, flake, peel or rot and does not require painting.
  • Fusion welded frame and sash construction provide superior strength and durability.
  • Our multi-chambered profile design provides greater thermal efficiencies and structural performance while acting to reduce sound transmission.
  • Integral vinyl interlock with dual weatherstripping minimizes air filtration.
  • Integral vinyl lift rail for smooth fingertip operation.
  • 3/4″ insulated glass units manufactured with “edge tech” technology provide optimal thermal performance.
  • Colonial grids option are available in a number of configurations and are color matched to the vinyl.
  • Equal glass size permits symmetrical grid alignment and clean sight lines.
  • Sloped still and grade “50” performance provide superior water run-off.
  • Screens are available on all operating windows.
  • Full weatherstripping protects against wind, rain, dust and noise.
  • Pre-punched integral vinyl nail fins allows for fast and easy installation.


Glass Performance

Product Visible Light Transmittance % Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Winter U-Factor (Air/Argon) UV Fading Transmission
Clear 82% .78 .48/– .58 .75
LoE-340 39% .18 .29/.25 .20 .42
LoE-270 70% .37 .30/.25 .14 .53
LoE-366 65% .27 .29/.24 .06 .43
LoE-366/I89 63% .27 .23/.20 .05 .41


Available Colors


Black Over White


Airtite windows will enhance your home’s interior and exterior while keeping the ever-changing effects of the environment at bay. Our windows go through rigorous testing and quality controls as well as continuous design improvements and upgrades. The result is a window that gives you thermal efficiency and unequaled beauty. Our Abilene location serves you throughout the state of Texas. Vinyl Airtite Windows Are Made Locally In Texas.




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