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Vinyl Bay & Bow Windows

What Are Bay & Bow Windows?

Bay windows and bow windows are beautiful and provide elegant arches, angles, and a great big view. Both bay and bow windows have distinct advantages over traditional flat windows. Not only do they provide a larger view, but they also help provide a wonderful source of light to your home. Bow and bay windows are constructed to protrude outwards from your home. They dramatically change both the feel of a room or home and also give the illusion of substantially more space.

Additionally, bow and bay windows are very attractive to the housing market!

What Is The Difference Between A Bay & Bow Window?

Bow and bay windows are very similar, but have key differences:

  • Bay windows often are made up of three windows of varying sizes.
  • Bay windows typically have a large center window flanked by two smaller windows, which are angled from the wall at approximately 30 to 40 degrees and are often double-hung to give adequate ventilation.
  • The large center window in a bay window allows for a large, unobstructed view and serves as a way to ventilate your room.
  • Bow windows are comprised of three to six windows that are all equal size.
  • Bow windows can give the space a gradual curved look and feel, whereas the bay design has a sharper angle.
  • Bow windows can offer greater ventilation.
  • Bow windows can vary in construction, including casement windows, double-hung windows, or single hung windows.

What Is A Good Location For A Bay A Bow Window?

You may have an old bay or bow windows that need to be replaced. Also, any picture window is a great location for a new bow or bay. The new projecting unit is custom made and will not require costly and time-consuming structural changes. It will add a new dimension to the room and the exterior of the home. It can be tied into an overhang or installed with an optional roof assembly.

Airtite windows will enhance your home’s interior and exterior while keeping the ever-changing effects of the environment at bay. Our windows go through rigorous testing and quality controls as well as continuous design improvements and upgrades. The result is a window that gives you thermal efficiency and unequaled beauty.

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